Online Coaching

I want to make your life better. That’s it.

Yes, I can get you abs.

Yes, I can give you a butt that will make your ex go crazy.

Yes, I can basically make you hot.

I can also help you get healthy.
Lose 50 pounds.
Increase flexibility.
Or make two flights of stairs something you don’t even think about.
These are all good, but here is the real upside:

Your LIFE will change.

When you set a goal, create a plan, follow the plan and see results – you instill the confidence required to change who you are – to truly be the best version of yourself.
It isn’t just the result (hot body) but the hard work that will define the new you.
BUT, first: did you meet my clients?

It’s important that you read their stories so you know what kind of results are realistic with this program.

Alright, I want it. But what exactly is online coaching?

Thorough Initial Assessment
• Fully dissect your goals and a plan to get there
• Discuss your health history and physical capabilities
• Learn about your lifestyle, so we can create a plan that makes sense for you personally

Custom Training Program
• Frequency and volume that match your goals and priorities
• Multiple training phases to expedite progress
• Optimal programming: order of exercises, number of sets and reps, tempo and rest periods

Personalized Nutrition Plan
• Sample meal plans based on foods you enjoy
• Meal frequency that fits your lifestyle – whether that is two or six meals per day
• Optimal macronutrient distribution for your body and your goals

Individual Supplementation Plan
• Some supplements make sense for certain goals, and some do not.
• No diet pills or magic powders (obviously), if I recommend supplements they are backed with strong scientific evidence.
• A cost/benefit analysis of which supplements make sense specifically for you.

Motivation & Accountability
• Bi-weekly updates to ensure your program is on point
• Log sheets for tracking both diet and training efforts
• Send me videos for exercise form analysis

100% Full Access to Me
• Access to my personal email account
• Big BBQ or Birthday Buffet coming up? Tweak a muscle in your back? I’ll take care of you.
• You will never feel “alone” or “helpless” in this process

Apply for Coaching

Online Coaching Application

List 1-2 short term goals (4-6 weeks)*:
Be honest -- they can be vanity, health, performance, pounds lost. Anything
List 1-2 longer term goals (4-6 months):
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How did you hear about us:
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